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Indulge in luxury at our premium barber shop, where every visit is a rejuvenating experience. Our skilled artisans craft tailored styles with precision and finesse. Immerse yourself in a haven of sophistication and leave feeling confident and refined.

Cut & Shave Services

Haircut – $39

Elevate your style with a meticulously crafted haircut, tailored to accentuate your personality and charm.

Buzz Cut – $24

Achieve a sleek and stylish look with our expertly executed buzz cut, offering effortless elegance and timeless appeal.

Kids Cut – $20

Treat your little one to a fun and fabulous kids cut, ensuring they leave with smiles and style.

Beard Trim – $29

Refine your look with a precise beard trim, enhancing your facial features and exuding confidence effortlessly.

Clean Shave – $45

Embrace a polished and professional appearance with a clean-shaven look, radiating freshness and confidence at every turn.

Styled Haircut – $45

Transform your appearance with a meticulously styled haircut, tailored to complement your unique personality and fashion sense impeccably.

Long Sheer Cut – $85

Revitalize your look with a long sheer cut, offering a sleek and sophisticated style that exudes effortless elegance.

Straight Razor – $75

Experience the ultimate grooming precision with a straight razor, delivering smooth, precise shaves for an unparalleled shaving experience.

Clipper Haircut – $50

Achieve a clean and precise look with a clipper haircut, tailored to your preferences for effortless style.

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